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2019 G7 Conference: Discussions and Resolutions

The 45th annual G7 summit took place just a few weeks back in Biarritz, France, and as with any other year, it was a monumental and significant event. Specifically held from the 24th to 26th of August in the aforementioned city of Biarritz, the conference featured not only the core members of the Group of Seven, but also many other leaders, ministers, and political figures from observer states, and other nations of the world. This conference was especially noteworthy as amongst the Trump presidency, many international events have taken place over the past year, which were discussed in the G7 conference. Before delving into the resolutions of the conference itself, let’s look at what exactly the G7 is, and why they matter.

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What is the G7?

The G7 is shorthand for the “Group of Seven Nations”, which as the name suggests, is a collective of nations from all around the world. However, what differentiates this group from other major international groupings is that rather than being economic, or trade related, or even geographically bound like some groupings, the G7 is a different sort of collective. These countries are bound by the fact that they are the most powerful, diplomatic, and wealthy nations in the entire world, and they come together every year to discuss the major issues in the world, and make some sort of an attempt to resolve said conflicts. Presently, the G7 nations are as follows; Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States. Russia used to be a part of the group, back when it was known as the G8, but was promptly ousted after the Russian invasion of Crimea in Ukraine earlier this decade.

Why is the G7 Relevant?

As mentioned above, the G7 is the group of the most powerful nations in the world. Combined together, there are few issues which this group of nations cannot solve. Additionally, it allows these leaders to feel each other out, and discuss political issues, successes, and grievances with one another. In a word, this conference is important as it urges the superpowers of the world to consider the problems and issues of smaller nations such as Brazil, India, Vietnam, and so many more.

What Happened at the Conference?

It should come as no surprise at this point that the Amazon rainforest has been burning down for a few weeks now. Apart from a social media frenzy about the issue, the world has been mostly quiet, especially shocking since the Amazon rainforest has been characterized as the “lungs” of the world. This issue, thankfully, was discussed at this year’s G7 conference, with the leaders coming to some kind of conclusion as to how to tackle the issue, despite resistance from the United States President, Donald Trump.

Another issue which was raised was the Iranian nuclear deal of a few years back. This was at serious risk of falling through since the United States was threatening to pull out of the deal a while back. However, French President Emmanuel Macron personally invited Iranian leaders to the conference in order to discuss the deal.

All in all, this years G7 summit was an eventful one, and with next years 2020 summit being held in the United States, and hosted by US President Donald Trump, it will surely be an interesting follow up to the preceding event.


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