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46th Annual G7 Summit of 2020 – Russia or Not?

August 24th to 26th 2019 saw the 45th Annual G7 Summit, being hosted in France this time around. Understandably, this monumental conference was a significant one, and saw world leaders coming together to discuss the diplomacy of the world in it’s current state. However, instead of dwelling on the past, let’s look to the future, to the 46th Annual G7 Summit in 2020. Surely one of the major stories going in is whether or not Russian President Vladimir Putin will be making an appearance after so many years away from the group. Not a wild possibility, it’s important to discuss why this would be significant in the world’s climate  today.

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What is the G7

The G7 is essentially a term standing for the Group of 7 Nations. This group, is a collective of the worlds most wealthy and powerful nations, who band together in an attempt to use their dominance for the good of diplomacy and humanity, or so they claim. The cliff notes are that these seven nations meet once every year, at what is known as the “G7” summit. This three daylong meeting is essentially a platform for the various G7 leaders to discuss world issues, achievements, successes, failures, and so much more with one another, in order to reach important resolutions for global wellbeing and crisis resolution. For example, this years G7 conference discussed the issue of the Amazonian fire in Brazil, despite Brazil not being present in the conference. Another thing to note is that while it is known as the G7 conference, leaders and figures from all over the world are invited by the host nation’s leader, in this years case, French President Emmanuel Macron.

Why was Russia Removed From the G7?

Well in essence, to understand why Russia was removed, it’s important to understand Russia in the first place. Little known fact, the G7 was originally the G8 with Russia being one of the founding members alongside France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, and United States. The Group of Eight nations met many times over many conferences, and it was easy to see why Russia was included in this conversation. After all, the G7 nations are the 7 most powerful nations in the world, and Russia, without a doubt, is one of the most powerful nations in the entire world. Featuring one of the largest armies, stockpiles of nuclear weapons, and most charismatic leaders in Vladimir Putin, Russia without a doubt belongs on the now G7, which should really be a G8, which brings is to the question, why was Russia removed?

Well as mentioned, after a very good run as the G8, the remaining countries had a decision to make in 2014. The event sparking this was the Russian invasion of Crimea, a city in Ukraine. Russia annexed the city, and by hook or by crook, took control, sparking a major conflict of this decade. This behavior was seen as reckless and irresponsible by the remaining G8 nations, which caused Russia to be ousted from the group, making it the G7, as it has remained to this day.

Why is the 2020 G7 Conference Significant?

This conference is extremely significant, despite the fact that it is almost a year out, due to the fact that it is being hosted by the United States, spearheaded by infamous president, Donald J. Trump. The country which hosts the conference has the power to invite whoever they want, and in essence, people are suspecting Donald Trump will invite Vladimir Putin and propose Russia’s re-entry into the G7, making it the G8 once again. This all remains to be seen next year, at the conference in the United States.


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