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Air Pollution – The 3 Most Effective Ways to Beat It

Air pollution is one of the foremost issues in the world today, and nowhere is it more relevant in the nation of India. To be more specific, the national capital of India, New Delhi. Now, after the festival of Diwali, and the summer harvest has concluded, the air seems so dense that one can cut it with a knife. The crop burning lends to part of this, and envelops the Delhi NCR with a dense, thick fog of harmful gasses such as Carbon Monoxide, and Sulfur Dioxide. Since the government is apparently unequipped to deal with an issue of this magnitude, citizens must take matters into their own hands. We’ve compiled a list of 3 good strategies to undertake in this foggy, polluted landscape, which hopefully can blanket you from the negative effects of being exposed to these gasses.

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Utilizing Air Purifier Indoors

This is a huge game changer, and can be difficult to believe until you actually try it firsthand. These machines actually can make a huge difference in the quality of air, which can actually be noticed. Furthermore, this is probably the greatest preventative measure. The majority of air purifiers filter our up to 90% of harmful gasses, making the air you breathe much purer and more clean than it would be even normally. Even purchasing a single purifier and rotating it around rooms makes it a cost efficient endeavor. Some good brands which make air purifiers are Dyson, Phillips, and Honeywell, however, if you’re looking for a more cost effective option, Mi also has a great purifier in their lineup of products.

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Using Masks Outdoors

This is another major recommendation to anyone living in a polluted city. Barring the small embarrassment from wearing a mask, you’ll be the one getting the last laugh as wearing a pollution mask can save you from a lot of the harmful gasses which are constantly present in our atmosphere. While it may seem like a small change, it can genuinely make a big difference in the way you feel tangibly. The best part is, the masks are relatively cheap and disposable, making it a cost effective option to stay healthy during his horrible time. Plenty of masks are available, probably at your nearest pharmacy or general store. If not, Amazon sells them for relatively cheap on their website. This one we can highly recommend.

Drinking Plenty of Water

What may seem like yet another extremely obvious choice is the third entry on our list. Especially since we are constantly told in a general sense to drink water anyways, however, this kind request is doubly true when it comes to pollution. Water allows some of these toxic substances to intermittently be cycled out of your system through the excretion process. This is fantastic, as it acts as sort of a natural cleanser, and there is really no excuse to not be drinking plenty of water, since it has so many intrinsic health benefits as is.


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