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All You Need To Know About Pink-Ball Test!

In the last few days if something that has been searched the most by the netizens of India is “Pink ball test”. In this write-up let me take you through the most-asked and most-searched-for questions about the Pink ball test and the Pink ball itself.

Why Day and Night Tests?

It was to make the red ball cricket more engaging and interesting the format of day and night test cricket was born.

The idea was to make test matches more exciting and friendly for people who wanted to watch the test match after the day’s work.

How it all started?

Where the cricket enthusiasts were flirting with the idea of day and night test, MCC went to Australian sports manufacturing giant Kookaburra to develop a ball for the same.

The need for a new ball arose since it was difficult to play day and night test matches with the traditional red ball. Red ball was not only giving a hard time on the field but also gave a tough time to broadcasters as it was challenging to broadcast the red ball at night.

Why the color pink?

It was only after hit and trials the color pink was finalized. Several experiments were made with yellow and fluorescents colors before the color pink was selected. Where the color pink suited well with players on the grounds, it helped the cameramen off the ground too.

How is it different from the “Red ball”?

Well, there is not much difference in how pink ball is made. It’s made of the same materials as the red and the white ball – Wool, Cork, and Rubber.

The only variation is that the pink ball is not dipped in grease, like red ball. It’s thought that not dipping the ball in grease will improve the visibility of the ball.

Not the first pink ball test match!

Yeah, you read it right the ongoing India VS Bangladesh is not the first pink ball test match. Not many know that the first-class match with pink ball was played between Trinidad and Tobago VS Guyana in the year 2010.

First Day and Night Test

It was in October 2012 ICC gave clean chit to test cricket to be played under lights. In December of 2015 first day and night test was played between Australia and New-Zealand. The test match which was played at the Adelaide Oval witnessed great turnout of spectators.

What does team India thinks?

Indian skipper Virat Kohli observed-

The fielding session with the pink ball was the biggest challenge. People will be surprised how difficult fielding can be with the pink ball. The ball definitely felt heavier. I’m sure there won’t be any difference in weight but somehow it felt heavier. While taking slip catches the ball really hit the hands hard. Even while throwing from the boundary, the fielders felt they needed to put extra effort.

Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin said-

I just hope this marks the beginning of where we get huge crowds coming into the stadium and Test cricket gets its credit and obviously with the change in timings people can afford to finish their work and come into the game, watch it and enjoy it.”

Indian pacer Shami was of the opinion-

The middle session should be the main focus for batsman while using the pink ball, unlike the morning session that is usually considered the most important in a Test match as it will have more of a swing in Eden Gardens.” 

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