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Anthony Joshua Reclaims Unified Heavyweight Title From Andy Ruiz

History has been made in Saudi Arabia. The second Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua fight went to a decision, and the Brit took the belt all the way back to the UK through a unanimous vote from the judges. This fight was really one for the ages. With their first bout earlier this year going to Ruiz in surprising fashion, the world held its breath for the return of Joshua, seeing as Ruiz handed him the first defeat of his entire boxing career. To read about the first fight, as well as a breakdown of the latest one, read our piece on the situation below.

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What was the first fight?

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Well, in essence, the first fight was seen as a tune-up fight for Joshua. The undefeated British heavyweight had a murderers row of challengers lined up, seeing as both Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury hold heavyweight titles around the world, and these three form a trifecta of dream matches for any boxing fan. So in essence, Ruiz was very much treated as a stepping stone. Ruiz, who is short and rather overweight for a heavyweight was seen as someone Joshua could easily take out, and not taken seriously at all by his camp.

On fight night however, in New York, in the legendary Madison Square Garden arena, Ruiz shocked the world when he defeated Joshua in the 7th round to become the unified heavyweight champion of the world. Ruiz essentially put so much pressure and pace on Joshua, that during the 7th round, Joshua didn’t answer the referees call, and forfeited. Ruiz utilized a masterwork strategy of staying in extremely close range to Joshua, and unloading punches, while not letting the Briton get enough space to counter strike with his own. Ruiz landed many straights and hooks, and particularly showed great movement for someone his size against Joshua. Point is, this was very much an upset win which nobody expected.

What happened in the second fight?

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This fight was a far less one sided one, with both gentlemen showing off their respective skillsets, and Joshua looked great throughout. Anthony Joshua came in lighter than he ever has for any fight, and Andy Ruiz was looking healthy as ever for this one. Ruiz very much attempted to implement the same gameplan as the last fight, but Joshua was prepared this time, moving away, and launching punches while moving backwards. This led to him not having the strongest strikes, but certainly putting the pace on Ruiz, and doing enough on the judges scorecard to edge out Andy, and regain the titles. Joshua put on a great show, basically.

Next, we would love to see Anthony Joshua schedule a fight against either American Deontay Wilder, or fellow Brit Tyson Fury to unify the world heavyweight straps in some capacity. These are both great matchups for the fans, and we would kill to see any combination of these three inside a 20 by 20 ring.


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