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Apple Launches “Pro” Version of Popular AirPods

AirPods have been some of the most profitable and successful products in their lineup since their launch. More than being a meme, they are actually extremely good, and functional headphones, which add to the famed “Apple Ecosystem”. And of course, the memes truly helped. The Air Pods, much like the iPhone which spawned them, have become somewhat of a status symbol, in that the impression is that “cool kids” wear them.

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What are AirPods?

AirPods are essentially the newest iteration of Apple’s in-house headphones. They happen to be wireless, and unlike previous versions, do not come bundled directly with the phone, or any other device, but are a separate purchase. The big deal around AirPods is the Apple Ecosystem. This device simply syncs so quickly into your Apple devices, that it really does make for a convenient experience, especially considering that they are wireless. Additionally, they do boast some decent sound quality, and a microphone which allows one to speak as though in a normal conversation.

What are AirPods Pro?

They are essentially an upgraded set of AirPods, with more utility, features, and some innovations made. First off, it’s important to know that the Pro version is being sold alongside the original on Apples site, so the AirPods pro aren’t intended to replace the original, rather be another option to add variety to the product catalogue. A major difference is the shape, rather than being the traditional all plastic getup, these get soft, squidgy ear inserts, the likes of which are seen on a lot of headphones these days. Additionally, they get a bunch of other features bundled in as well. Active noise cancellation is one of the most talked about innovations in this new product, as it is quite a feat that a product with this form factor allows for such accurate silencing features. The AirPods Pro also have some different modes, to tweak the listening experience to the desire of the user. Furthermore, the case is much larger, which is expected considering the larger headphones, but people may have difficult fitting it into their pockets, as they may have with previous versions of the device.

Are AirPods Pro Worth It?

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The answer to this question is really one which depends from person to person. If you’re a die-hard Apple fan, then chances are, you already own AirPods, however, it is also very likely that you make the switch to the pro version. No doubt, the pro versions of the AirPods do have great quality of life improvements, and some genuine innovation. However, the value of that is determined by each individual buyer, since it is a significant price hike up from the original product. For sound enthusiasts, there are many more headphones out there which offer a better listening experience, so look into some enthusiast level brands alongside considering the


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