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Call of Duty Mobile Picking Up Steam on Mobile, Surpasses PUBG

Mobile gaming is one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the world. Pretty much undoubtedly ushered in by the original Apple iPhone, with it’s state of the art app store, the mobile gaming landscape has grown far and wide since those initial days of infancy. Originally comprising of games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja, and more simplistic games, over time, more and more complicated games have made their way onto these mobile devices. Originally clones of popular console games, such as Need for Speed, Battlefield, God of War, soon, mobile gaming’s success became to be recognized by large triple A developers, who began making original IP for the systems. In this piece specifically, we’re going to break down one of the newest and biggest mobile games on the market right now, Call of Duty Mobile.

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Call of Duty has been one of those titular franchises in the history of the vast industry which is gaming. In essence, much of the gaming industry after the year 2004 has been dominated by this first person shooter. However, it never made a real appearance on a mobile platform. Recently though, with games like PUBG, Activision, the publisher, saw an opportunity to make it big, and launched Call of Duty Mobile, a simple port to a mobile device, and the game has done gangbusters.

What is Call of Duty?

As mentioned, Call of Duty is a first person shooter game. First person refers to the camera perspective of the game, and means the player sees exactly what the player character would see at any point in time, making it have greater immersion. Shooter is exactly what it seems, every character wields a gun, and the aim is to shoot them till they stop moving. While the mainline console and PC entries in the Call of Duty series feature single player, as well as some alternate modes, such as zombies, the mobile version is a multiplayer offering only, taking in the steps of PUBG and some other titans. This addictive game imports the gear and loadout system from it’s console counterpart, making it more appealing thanks to it’s customizability, as well as depth and replicability of gameplay at any moment.

Why is Call of Duty Mobile so Popular?

Surely, it goes without saying that this games popularity came in the light of games like PUBG and Fortnight doing so well. Activision clearly saw something with this massive online multiplayer format, and decided to make a move on it sooner rather than later. The PUBG players have simply found a new outlet, and are slowly but surely shifting over to Call of Duty as we speak. This game’s marketing campaign is also brilliant, displaying ads on Youtube, Facebook, and other social media, clearly showing a deep understanding of their audience more than any other competitors. At this rate, Call of Duty mobile will become one of the most successful and profitable properties presently on the App Store.


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