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Fully Electric Porsche Taycan Begins Arriving at Dealerships

Porsche is back with their newest car, only this time, it’s a fully electric vehicle. This car is a huge deal in the car industry, and you should care about its launch whether you are a gearhead like myself, or not. Porsche is one of the biggest brands for vehicles in the world, and them breaking into EV’s is a great thing for the entire industry.

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What is the Porsche Taycan

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The Porsche Taycan is the newest car model from Porsche, to be launched in early 2020. This vehicle is a fully electric 4 door sedan, with a coupe esque styling. This model from Porsche is looking to break the German manufacturer into the electric vehicle market, something which has been attempted by many mainstream manufacturers as of late. However, this is especially impactful since Porsche is one of the longest standing and most respected manufacturers in the world even today, in the age of EV’s. Why is this a big deal for not just car lovers, but everyone around the world? Find out below.

Why is it a Big Deal?

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To put it very simply and bluntly, it is a big deal because electric vehicles are cool now. Thanks to brands like Tesla, the old school perception that electric vehicles are for moms has finally been shaken. Now, EV’s are the future, and Teslas are the new ‘in thing’ in the car industry. Below, we’ll break down the three main reasons why the Taycan will shake up the industry.

First off, it is an electric vehicle, which makes it significant right off the bat. And it’s worth noting that it’s not a hybrid electric vehicle like the Prius, it is fully electric, and the powertrain comprises of solely electric motors, and no trace of an internal combustion engine exists. This is a good selling point since electric is the future, and many people will consider this car, since it is also a 4 door luxury coupe, and a performance monster. This combination of factor is sure to be the crux of Porsches marketing, and it will also drive sales.

Secondly, it is a Porsche! This is incredible because while Tesla has built its reputation around being an EV manufacturer, Porsche has done the very same but by making mean, fast machines built for racing. So Porsche is taking their experience from selling ultra-luxury, performance sports cars for a century now, and putting it into the electric vehicle industry.

Lastly, the importance of this vehicle comes from the fact that it is now directly in competition with the Tesla Model S. As we all know, competition is a great thing, and it only serves to make all parties involved better. Saturating the EV scene with more and more cars to compete with Tesla, the unanimous king right now, will only make the products better and better for consumers, from both a feature, and pricing standpoint.


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