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Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Launched Worldwide

Finally, at long last, the Google Pixel’s newest iteration has been revealed, and launched to the world. The Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL are officially the only announced phones in this lineup, however, a budget “A” model will be expected earlier next year. Without further ado, let’s get into the newest features from Googles latest smartphone launch, and whether the newest devices will be justifying a purchase or not in this competitive climate.

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Why is Google Pixel significant?

This phone is an especially significant one since its pretty much joined Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus as one of the biggest flagship mobile manufacturers in the world. The Google Pixel gained traction for two main reasons, those being the stock Android experience, and the camera. Generally lauded as the very best camera in the smartphone industry at any point, Google backed up fundamentally sound shooters with incredible sensors and AI for some of the crispest photography on any smartphone. The second is that the Pixel series comes straight from the mouth of Google, meaning their phones expectedly get all of the latest and greatest features before anyone else, or any manufacturer, making it great for Android enthusiasts craving that so called “stock” experience.

What are the newest features?

Since it’s been over a year since the official launch of the Pixel 3 series, there are so many features to list off for the newest line of phones. Right off the bat, both devices get the dual camera setup out the box. This features a standard lens, and a wide angle. This was heavily expected from Google, since even the most basic of budget manufacturers have started coming through on dual cameras.

Another new feature is the dual front facing selfie camera, which we really don’t get to see in a lot of modern phones. This should make the Pixel 4 series perhaps the very best in the entire industry when it comes to clicking photographs from the front. Additionally, there is another reason for the dual front facing shooters, the brand new Face ID technology by Google. Much like Apple with the iPhone X before them, Google has totally ditched any form of fingerprint sensors on their phone, such is their confidence in their Face ID technology. And if Google is confident that it’s the very best Face ID we’ve ever seen, then who are we to doubt them.

Additionally, there was also a bit of a feature retraction here, since the Pixel 3 series notoriously featured one of the biggest and most unwieldy notches in the industry. So with the Pixel 4, Google has gone for a far more timeless design, ditching the edge to edge display, and featuring a noticeable chin, and top notch on the display, which gets the AMOLED treatment by the way.

Is it worth the purchase?

Well, this purely depends on your outlook towards smartphones. If you’re an Apple head, it’s unlikely that a Pixel will satisfy your needs. However, if you are an Android devotee, then it’s clear that the Pixel might just be one of the best choices on the market, from a purely technological standpoint.


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