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Iconic Staircase from Joker Movie Becomes Photo Opportunity

The Joker movie of 2019 has quickly become one of the most interesting and rapidly growing fandoms in recent memory. Todd Phillips’ brilliant camera work, as well as Joaquin Phoenix’s once in a lifetime performance owed to one of the greatest films I’ve ever personally seen in my entire life. This films popularity has engrained itself in pop culture, and indeed, it has become the highest grossing R rated film of all time, due in no small part to the enormous press it received through critical reception, and social media. The social part played a huge role, with people sharing the movie, giving it a huge hype machine to work off of.

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What was the Joker Movie?

As mentioned, one of the best movies of the year, and perhaps even this decade. The Joker is essentially a psychological study on one of the most important and interesting pop culture icons of our generation. As always, the story is left ambiguous to a certain extent, a hallmark of the character, seeing as he puts it himself “I like my origin to be multiple choice”. Again, shot beautifully, acted brilliantly, and written masterfully, the Joker film is indeed a seminal work in filmmaking in general, and should serve as a blueprint to others on how to make a childish comic story into a real serious work of art, and film.

What Were the Stairs?

The stairs were a recurring motif throughout the movie. The titular character, Arthur Fleck, lives near these stairs, and ascends them on his way to his humble abode every night. Towards the end of the film, there is a scene where Fleck, now fully transformed into the Joker, is dancing on the steps, showing the entire arc of his character in one scene. This is the scene featured in the trailers, as well as a lot of promotional material. This scene personally touches the audience, and is probably why it has become one of the hallmark images of the film, perhaps as much as the Joker character itself.

Why are People Clicking Pictures There?

It is often the case that when an iconic location or place comes out in any kind of media, be it a television show, or in this case, a film, that people tend to flock to that place in order to secure some kind of picture or memorabilia from that location. This is nothing more than just a product from our current social media generation. People tend to be self-obsessed, and more than that, concerned with others opinions of ones persona, rather than a self-opinion. So when some kind of cultural phenomenon comes about, like the movie Joker for example, it becomes far more important to show others that one is part of the fan base, than actually being a part of it. This is exactly why we believe people are clicking pictures at the Joker steps, because it has a certain societal “cool factor”, around it, much like the movie itself.


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