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iPhone 11 Launched Worldwide – Worth the Wait and Hype?

Well, the news that tens of thousands of Apple fanboys and fangirls worldwide have been holding their breath for, the iPhone 11 series has not just been announced, but also launched worldwide. These new sets of phones are exciting and fresh visually, but how much exactly has changed under the hood? Our piece below will break down the new phones, as well as the new branding to go along with them, as well as mentioning the odd noteworthy spec in Apples newest offering.

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iPhone 11

Apple actually pulled one of the smartest bait and switch marketing tactics of the decade, possibly even of all time. In essence, the new version is marketed as the newest flagship, while actually, the iPhone 11 is not actually the flagship device in speaking. To understand this, we have to take the story back to the X days. Back then, the iPhone X was the flagship, and the XR was launched as the budget model, to contend with the cheaper phones coming out, however, to the shock of both Apple and the fan base at large, the XR outsold the flagship X by huge numbers not only in the US, but especially worldwide. So what Apple has done is remove the “R” branding from everywhere, and simply made the iPhone 11 the spiritual successor to the iPhone XR. By removing the “R” branding, they have also removed along with it the stigma of having a budget device, something which must have clearly irked a lot of XR users. Anyways, onto the phone, it has been upgraded from the XR by the addition of an additional camera, and mostly, everything else remains unchanged about the device. Still rocking the A13 bionic chip as always, the phone will probably be a solid bet for iPhone lovers everywhere.

iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

Now, coming to the true Apple iPhone flagship to be launched in 2019, however, the catch is, it’s not one phone, but rather two. However, to much relief of fans and journalists alike, the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are identical phones in specs, performance, and everything, except the size and resolution of the display. This is completely understandable since the iPhone 11 Pro is simply the regular phone for iPhone flagship enthusiasts, contending with normal sized flagships, like the OnePlus 7 Pro for example. However, the iPhone 11 Pro Max tackles a different audience, that being the audience of people preferring larger phones, going after devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The true newest feature of this phone is the triple rear camera setup. Now, the Pro series feature a telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide lens allowing for any situation to be shot in three completely varied and unique modes at any point in time. Most of the rest of the phone remains relatively unchanged, aside from a new material design language being introduced, with softer lines, and more of a matte finish and feel, as opposed to the sharp lines and glossy finishes of previous models. All in all, iPhone users won’t be dissatisfied with the Pro series, as long as they recognize the fact that the iPhone 11 isn’t the true flagship, only to be duped into buying a budget phone when they wanted the real deal.


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