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Japanese Morning Banana Diet – Myth or Reality?

There are so many health fads and phenomenon’s in the world, fitting really, considering we live in such a conscious and aware society. If you look at GM, Keto, Intermittent, and IIFYM, there are way too many diets to count, and the worst part is, they are all just as complex as the last. However, there is a new diet making the rounds online, the Japanese Morning Banana Diet. What exactly is this diet, and how does it work? Well, we’ve broken down these very questions in our piece below.

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What is the Diet?

Well, as the name suggests, you will be eating bananas. This diet, although considered one of the easier ones in the world, is not without rules of its own. There are certain dietary restrictions, and more so, time based restrictions in order for the diet to work in it’s intended manner. In essence, this is how it works.

For breakfast, you will first break the fast with a glass of water, or fluid such as coffee or tea, preferably black. Then your breakfast will ensue, and will consist of a single banana, yes, you read that right. Still hungry? Don’t worry, 15-20 minutes after that first banana, you can have another, but pretty much draw the line after that second banana. This is the “banana” part of the diet over with, and from here, it becomes a lot more normal sounding.

From this point, we go on to both lunch, and dinner. Both of which remain relatively unchanged relative to the breakfast at least. In essence, you will eat exactly your normal lunch and dinner, but will attempt to reduce your caloric intake to 80% of what you traditionally consume in these meals. Also, stick to the base meals, and try not to grab a drink and dessert when possible.

The third prong of this diet, is the lifestyle around it. The diet encourages undertakers to have a lot of water, and get plenty of sleep. Additionally, it heavily recommends that dinner be eaten before 8PM in this diet, and the people should go to sleep not after 12 midnight. Apparently, these slight, numerous lifestyle changes can actually go a long way to accelerating the weight loss process.

Does it Work?

This is quite a tough one, as it is unknown whether the diet itself, or the lifestyle changes will lead to weight loss, or even not. Well, the tough part is, it’s hard to see where exactly the bananas come in. Can they be replaced by other fruit? Can breakfast be skipped altogether? It’s a little unclear, but we can see how reducing intake, shortening eating windows, and starting the day with fluids can lose weight, as these are all essentials in other popular diets of this kind.

In conclusion, this diet does seem to be a popular one, and is surely one that you can try out if it interests you. It has the foundations of a good working diet, and can actually assist you in weight loss.


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