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Keto Diet: Basics, Myths, and Real Applications

It seems that diets are one of, if not the single biggest points of discussion in our society as of late. So many diets get thrown around all the time that people actually feel saturated with plans, unable to find a single one to fit their needs. However, one diet tends to stand out from the pack recently, and that is Keto, with many celebrities even endorsing it, it is sure to have hit your radar.

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What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is, in essence, the process by which your body turns into a fat-burning machine. Essentially, when your body is deprived of carbohydrates, it stops producing insulin, the chemical required to process those carbohydrates. Upon which point, with the lack of insulin, your body begins to use stored up fat reserves in order to sustain bodily functions, hence, your body begins using fat as its primary source of fuel. This is a great way of losing fat, and has seen so many success stories, such as Tanmay Bhatt, that it is quite inspiring at this point. However, the Keto diet isn’t all easy, and in fact, is considered one of the hardest diets not just to start, but also to sustain.

How to Start the Keto Diet?

It’s quite simple actually, basically, one needs to reduce their carbohydrate consumption to 5% of their diet, or less. Carbohydrates include all foods in the largest segment of the food pyramid. This includes, breads, fruits, rotis, cereals, sugars, and most other staple foods, so to speak. This may seem difficult to some, since these are staple foods, but the entire concept of the keto diet is built upon the fact that carbohydrates need to be completely eliminated from the system altogether.

Well, this raises the question, what exactly does one replace all of this with? The answer is simple, the other two major food groups, proteins, and fats. Proteins include, chicken, pork, lentils, eggs, and most meat products. Fats include things like milk, dairy, cheese, oils, and other things which are usually considered bad for people who are dieting. Usually the proteins and the fats are eaten together, normally in large quantities, in order to allow the ketosis to begin within the body.

Does the Keto Diet Work?

Short answer, yes. If executed correctly, it is almost a given that the Keto diet, and the process of Ketosis in and of itself will help you lose weight. The issue, however, comes in with the first bit of that statement, “if executed correctly”. Fact is, carbohydrates are such a big and crucial part of our daily diets, that it becomes quite difficult for the majority of people to cut it out of their daily lifestyle, understandably too. However, if you have to cooking skills, ingredients, and discipline to where you think you can follow this diet for a sustainable amount of time, do surely give Keto a shot, if not, there are plenty of simpler diets out there which will give you similar results.


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