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Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Launched in India – Newest Budget King?

Be it smartphones, or be it automobiles, there is one killer stat which sells in the Indian market, and that is price. Simply put, if you can force out the “cheapest” iteration of any product, the Indian consumers will just eat it up. So it’s no surprise that the newest addition to the Maruti Suzuki product lineup is a ultra-budget vehicle, entitled the S-Presso.

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What Niche Does the S-Presso Fill?

In essence, the new Maruti Suzuki S-Presso is coming after the entry level segment of cars, currently dominated by Renault with their Kwid hatchback. Presently, the cheapest Maruti Suzuki car on the market is the Alto 800, which at this point, has lost all appeal for younger generations and exists as a perfectly serviceable, and pragmatic vehicle. However, the S-Presso is for the newest generation, just learning to pick up and drive. This car is youthful and strong in it’s design, and the pricing is such that young working class millennials can easily afford it. Being priced so competitively, we won’t be surprised if even older generations come in on this product, thanks to it’s SUV styling and stance, making it attractive for the Indian market.

Exterior Highlights of S-Presso

Being not just a new car from an old manufacturer, the S-Presso is actually the first ever production model of this car under any moniker. For this reason, it’s worth breaking down the exterior appearance of the vehicle, since nothing the likes of it has been seen from Maruti Suzuki ever before in their ever-diverse product lineup. As mentioned, competing against the Renault Kwid, the S-Presso had to have fairly bold and outspoken design from the get-go, and how it chose to go about this is a more SUV style exterior. The exterior looks like an oversized sports utility vehicle, and is an interesting concept for sure, for a budget car especially. The front grill features hollowed out chrome boxes, reminiscent of a shrunk down Jeep grille. The profile is slightly raised, like a lot of crossovers on the market. And overall, the S-Presso features a rugged, boxy look with cladding along the body lines to make it seem bolder. However, a curse of the price tag is that none of the editions come standard with alloy wheels, with these instead being optional extras. But all in all, I would say Maruti Suzuki succeeded when it came to designing the S-Presso, since it mimics the bestselling segment of India, the SUV.

Interior Highlights of S-Presso

This is where the undercutting of upmarket features comes in. The S-Presso interior does not look like that of a cheap cars, and at least one costing double the price of this one in particular. The dash is all nucleated around a sphere along the center of the driver and passenger seats, which houses a lot of the infotainment and car functions. This features a 7 inch touchscreen display, which is the very same unit we see in far more expensive cars such as the S-Cross and the recently released X6L. Additionally, the instrument and gauge cluster, which is fully digital this time around, is also located in the center of the dashboard, which is reminiscent in design to the Toyota Etios series of cars, which also feature a centrally mounted instrument console. All in all, this is a smart, and modern interior, especially for a car this price.


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