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Microsoft Surface – MS’s Newest Line of First Party Hardware

When Microsoft first burst onto the hardware scene way back when, it was difficult to see the move working out. Historically always a software manufacturer, Microsoft would usually just make the Windows OS, and pass it on to companies such as Dell and HP in order to run their software on the best possible hardware. However, seeing the success Apple has seen by running their software exclusively on their hardware, and seeing the performance benefits it brings due to optimization, with the Google Pixel series taking the same approach in smartphones, it was simply too tempting for Microsoft not to get a piece of that pie. So Microsoft began developing the “Surface” brand, their own line of PC products carrying the latest and greatest Windows had to offer. These laptops ditched the over-designed laptop looks of old, and seemed to ape Apple’s design philosophy with clean character lines, and high quality materials, along with an overall minimalistic feel.

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Surface Pro 7

The flagship, and longest running product in Microsoft’s first party lineup of products, the Surface Pro 7 is the seventh iteration of the unique 2 in 1 approach to computing taken by Microsoft around the time of the launch of Windows 8. Now, it’s time for the newest surface, which is making serious hardware changes to the device in terms of both materials, quality, build, and styling. In fact, it is undoubtedly the best designed Microsoft product till date.

The design sees an ultra-thin, clean slate look, reminiscent of a modern mac-book, yet somehow looking even cleaner. The minimalist ports, as well as thin bezels on the screen makes the device look right out of the future. The 12.3 inch touchscreen display is the best yet, and finally, to the relief of the tech industry, features USB type C ports. The signature kickstand and keyboard make a grand return, making the Surface Pro return to the versatile device it always was. The success or failure of this device remains to be seen, however, we believe it will be yet another strong showing from Microsoft.

Surface Laptop 3

While not nearly as old as the Surface Pro series of crossovers, the Surface Laptop has been one of the major success points for Microsoft over the past few years or so. This laptop has been universally praised by the press, and has reached a consensus of being one of the strongest, most powerful, and most attractive devices to run Windows on the market. So it’s no surprise that the tech world is buzzing about the announcement that the Surface Laptop would be making a grand return, in the form of the third iteration, the Surface Laptop 3.

This laptop, similar to the aforementioned Surface Pro 7, looks straight up like a MacBook, but sleeker. The uninterrupted metal appearance makes it look so clean and clear cut that it looks as though from a different era. Coming in two sizes, both a 13.5 inch, and 15 inch touchscreen are on offer. Additionally, the keyboard comes with an optional “fuzzy” cloth finish, making it seem even more classy and upmarket than ever before. The huge new glass trackpad make movements even more precise. Additionally, USB C ports are also thankfully featured, making the device 2019 ready.


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