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NBA Month 2 – Bottom 4 Teams in Eastern Conference

The National Basketball Association’s 2019-2020 season has been going strong for a couple of months now. At this point, we have seen highlight-reel performances, vicious dunks, killer moves, and so much more.

Since we’re 2 months in at this point, why not do a deep dive on the worst teams currently occupying the eastern conference. After all, the east was lauded as being the worse of the conferences before the season began, but was this merely conjecture, or reality. Let’s find out below as we discuss the bottom 4 teams in the NBA eastern conference.

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Washington Wizards

The wizards are quite the puzzling team in the NBA. They have no shortage of superstars, yet continually underperform season after season. Their superstar point guard John Wall doesn’t appear to be moving the needle now as much as he was a few seasons back, and perhaps, Washington should be looking for a rebuild in their future should they wish to be in title contention come the next few seasons. They need to start guiding their players better, since so much raw talent is already present on the floor.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Let’s be honest, Cleveland hasn’t been the same ever since LeBron James departed a couple of years ago to go set up shop in Los Angeles. Even before that, Cleveland wasn’t the same after Kyrie Irving left to join the Celtics.

The team, historically not a superstar one, had just one glimmer of hope when LeBron brought home a ring in between back to back finals demolishing from the Golden State Warriors, who are also in bad shape now. Hopefully the Cavs can get some redemption, as they do have a genuinely respectable roster of experienced ballers on their squad.

New York Knicks

Yet another fairly depressive entry on our list. We honestly cannot remember the last time the Knicks were a great team, or even a good team for that matter. They simply have not been a championship caliber squad for years and years now.

Normally, we would say that Carmello Anthony had a great run in the blue and orange, which he did, but it’s difficult to keep this up seeing as how rapidly his performance has declined since moving on from this team. Hopefully the Knicks can rebuild soon and return to the glory they once had during the Patrick Ewing days.

Atlanta Hawks

Last and definitely least, the Atlanta hawks are currently the worst team in the NBA eastern conference by a significant margin. This makes me very sad seeing as just a few years back, Kyle Korver was breaking 3 point records as part of a playoff contending Atlanta Hawks squad.

It’s very sad to see a team which was doing so well just so recently, fall on such hard times. However, coming dead last gives the Hawks a decent chance at snagging at top 3 pick in next year’s draft.


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NBA Month 2 – Bottom 4 Teams in Eastern Conference

The National Basketball Association’s 2019-2020 season has been going strong for a couple of months now. At this point, we have seen...