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NBA Month 2 – Bottom 4 Teams in Western Conference

The 2019-2020 NBA season is going strong, and as we are two months in, we have enough data to seriously analyze all the teams and players performances. The Western conference was always touted as being the stronger one this season, with the majority of superstars migrating west somehow, in almost a coordinated fashion. With that being said, the talking point of this piece isn’t the strongest teams, but rather the weakest ones currently in the NBA.

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Minnesota Timberwolves

This one is kind of a shame seeing as the Minnesota Timberwolves were doing so well towards the start of the season, and only recently have begun tanking hard. They have taken some hard losses, which has led them to being in the bottom 4, but knowing the young talent they currently have, they will more than likely bounce back over the course of the season, back into playoff contention, as they should be doing with the caliber of players and coaching staff they have on hand.

Memphis Grizzlies

Yet another small point of shame, since the Grizzlies were also off to a good start towards the beginning of the season. However, they have simply fallen apart, currently holding a record of 10 wins to 18 losses. Despite some similarities, we do not believe that the Grizzlies will end up making the playoffs, especially considering that the western conference is so stacked with competition, it would be very difficult for this team to squeeze in at the last moment. Best of luck to the Grizzlies though.

New Orleans Pelicans

Losing Anthony Davis was actually a huge point of contention for the Pelicans. However, they did end up drafting #1 pick, and so called prodigy Zion Williamson, who promptly went on to get an injury and has missed the entire season so far. Additionally, in the trade with LA, the Pelicans actually picked up a decent amount of young talent, including former prospect Lonzo Ball. The Pelicans have a tough few years ahead of them, but considering the wealth of young talent they have on display, they might just come out of this next decade having won a ring or two, you never know.

Golden State Warriors

Now this just brings a tear to our eye. What is the saying, oh how the mighty have fallen. After contesting 5 straight finals, and winning three of those, the Warriors have fallen on hard times, and are, arguably, the single worst team currently competing in the NBA. With a slew of early injuries cursing their season from the start, as well as departure of one of their superstars Kevin Durant, the Warriors have a gargantuan task in front of them, to somehow get the #1 pick and move on from this season as quickly as possible. They would much rather leave this 2019-2020 season in their past, and move onto greener pastures.


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