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NBA Month 2 – Top 4 Teams in the Western Conference

Coming to the end of this four article story we’ve had going about the NBA’s second month worst and best teams. We finally come to perhaps the most intriguing and interesting quadrant of the NBA, the top 4 teams in the NBA western conference. Much talks were going about that west is best this NBA season, however, is that true, or were the NBA pundits simply running their mouths as they have a tendency of doing. This time around, let’s discuss the 4 best teams in the NBA western conference at the moment.

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Los Angeles Lakers

In eerily similar fashion to our last report, LeBron James is still the king of not just LA, but the entire western conference of the NBA. This Anthony Davis/LeBron James duo has just been clicking together, and they have made some true magic. While LeBron has experienced this amount of success in various organizations before, it is Davis’s first time in the spotlight, which makes it great for him as a player, to become a more experienced veteran of the NBA, and to get a chance to grow under LeBron James, arguably the greatest of all time.

Los Angeles Clippers

Not far behind the Los Angeles Lakers, are their very own city’s rivals, the Clippers. This Clippers lineup is the strongest we have seen in a very long time. Featuring two dynamic all-stars, one of whom won the title last year. Kawhi Leonard, the great big man, and Paul George, who’s skillset adds a lot to the overall game of the Clippers.

Denver Nuggets

Perhaps the biggest shocker on any one of these lists we have written, but the Denver Nuggets are a top 3 team in the most competitive NBA conference, the west. The Nuggets continue to shock the world, and we are so happy to have seen this scrappy underdog story come into fruiting through the Nuggets, and no other organization, since they are a very deserving team to have done so well this NBA season.

We wish the Nuggets continued success in their future seasons in the NBA, and would absolutely love to see them making a big finals appearance before the end of the decade.

Houston Rockets

Last but not least, we come to the Houston Rockets. Clearly this Russel Westbrook and James Harden paring is doing great things for the team, as they have posted top 4 in the strongest NBA conference currently. This efficient and powerful offensive duo of guards has played so well together, and appear to have great chemistry both on, and off the court.

Not to mention, Harden as usual has been putting up lifetime performances, and the Brodie, in true Brodie fashion has been racking up triple doubles left right and center. We fully expect to see this iteration of the Rockets make it to the western conference finals, come the time.


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