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Newest Bond Film “No Time to Die” Trailer Releases

The James Bond series of films is one of the most legendary in the history of filmmaking. Aside from the fact that over 6 actors have iconically had the honor of putting their own stamp on this role, 25 films have been made on the spy. The previous outing, Spectre, while filled with spectacle, great scenes, and an always great Bond performance from Daniel Craig, didn’t satisfy the itch of most hardcore fans.

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However, just a few days back, the trailer for the newest film in the series, entitled “No Time to Die” was released, and honestly, it looks like it will be a return to form for the franchise. To watch the trailer, click here.

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Who is James Bond?

James bond is one of the most popular movie figures, and figures of fiction in general in the world as a whole. MI6 agent number 007 has a license to kill, and just under 30 films under his belt. The origin of the character is fairly undisputed, originally conceived by legendary author Sir Ian Fleming, Bond appeared in many, many novels prior to his big, on screen debut. Eventually, after a few other attempts, Sean Connery, an Irish Bodybuilder type was recruited for the official first big screen Bond film, Dr. No. The rest, as they say, is history, as such great names as Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and now, Daniel Craig have taken up the legendary mantle of the suave superspy.

The character is usually described as a cold, brooding, ruthless killer in the novels. However, in the films, the various actors to portray him took their own spin on things. Dalton’s portrayal was very much ruthless and cold, whereas Brosnan’s was far more charming. However, the essence of the character is retained. There are always colorful villains, there are always international locales, there are always beautiful women, and there is always a Bond, James Bond.

What is the New Film About?

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Well, the newest Bond film falls into the continuity of the Daniel Craig Bond saga, which started with Casino Royale, and the latest entry of which was Spectre. In essence, No Time to Die appears to be set quite a while after Specter, and depicts a supposedly retired James Bond, hence the title. The film will see James cooperating and perhaps clashing with other 00 agents, as well as a brand new villain, played by the up and coming great actor Rami Malek.

Of course, Daniel Craig has spoken about quitting the role ever since his third film, Skyfall, however, he did go on to make Spectre a reality, and returns for the final time as 007 in No Time to Die. Craig will be thoroughly missed in the role, seeing as he is maybe the first Bond to see such a well-defined character arc. We saw his bond actually get his 007 moniker at the beginning of the first film, and we saw him stripped down to the barest of bones in Skyfall.


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