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Renault Kwid Facelift– Newest Budget Killer

For it’s time, the Renault Kwid was one of the bestselling cars in the entirety of India, irrespective of brand, segment, power, size, or any other metric. The sheer volume moving capability of the car can likely be chalked up to its price, and stance. Apart from the Nano, and a few other machines not worth mentioning, the Kwid is pretty much one of the cheapest cars in India, and despite this fact, it came equipped with features like a touchscreen, automatic gearbox, and many more, which really outweighed the price. The entire strategy was to make a budget car, with enough premium elements and design ques to where it didn’t feel like a budget car, and clearly, this served Renault very, very well. Well, the much awaited facelift of the Kwid has not only just been announced, but also launched in the Indian market, with all the newest bells and whistles.

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New Features and Additions

The newest Renault Kwid, being a facelift, features a lot of new bits and pieces in order to make the machine feel far more modern, and far less outdated. Starting out with the exterior. The body remains fairly unchanged, but what has changed is the lighting. Top models now feature both front and rear LED lamps, which is continuing the tradition of Renault undercutting premium features. The front daytime running LED’s look fabulous, and give the car a much meaner, more aggressive look. This in conjunction with the re-worked grille goes a long way into making the car feel more mature than the competition. Furthermore, the newest crop of alloy wheels in higher trim models come in a new ‘gunmetal gray’ finishing, making it feel a little more subtle and understated when it comes to design. Lastly, the top trim of the previous car, the Climber edition makes a return, and brings with it even more design queues to differentiate it from the base model of the car.

When it comes to the interior, well, this is where the bulk of improvements, and adjustments were made to the vehicle. Right off the bat, the analog instrument cluster of old has been replaced by a fully digital display, making it a more modern cockpit for the driver, as well as another premium feature. The other big change comes in the form of the new 8 inch touchscreen infotainment system, featuring both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This system is a fantastic one, and is in fact both much bigger and better than a lot of higher end systems offered on the market. Further changes come with better bolstering, a rear center armrest, and many more additions to the car making it a far more modern package.

Pricing and Launch

First off, there are many variants of the 2019 Renault Kwid on offer presently. Two engine options, a 0.8L petrol and a 1.0L petrol are both available with both a manual, and automatic gearbox. Then the Climber edition, the highest trim of the Kwid with exterior changes and Climber branding, is also there. So prices may vary between these trim levels depending on choice of engine, gearbox, and more.

As of 1st September, 2019, the Renault Kwid Facelift is open for sale and booking through Renault’s site. Additionally, test drives are available all over in Renault showrooms across the nation. Prices start at INR 2.9L ex-showroom presently, for the entry level trim variant.


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