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Robert Pattinson Begins Training for Batman Movie

The DC Extended Universe has long been gunning to garner popularity on the level of it’s biggest competitor, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the start, it was looking increasingly difficult seeing as films like Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and perhaps most devastatingly, Justice League bombed both with critics, and at the box office.

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Just when it was seeming like all hope was lost, a string of great hits from The DC Extended Universe made it clear that they were down and not out, and that the future would be brighter than the past. Quite fittingly, they made quite a superhero-like comeback with films such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, and most recently and significantly, Joker.

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Who is Robert Pattinson?

Robert Pattinson is one of the bigger young stars in Hollywood. When he was announced to be Ben Affleck’s successor as Batman, a lot of the community rolled their eyes. This is primarily due to the fact that Robert Pattinson had previously played one of the main characters, Edward, in the wildly popular Twilight series. This series was always considered a very female centric one, so it was jarring for fans to see Rob make the transition to such a dark, gritty, and masculine role as Batman from that. However, we personally believe that WB has made some good casting decisions in the past, particularly if you look at Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. We believe that Pattinson will be a great actor to portray the specific Batman which is needed for the silver screen. Additionally, prior to criticizing, fans need to realize that Batman is such a storied and long winded character that people don’t realize that there are many incarnations and representations of Bruce Wayne. And the version of the character that will be written for the screens will be one which fits Pattinson’s acting skills and subtle charisma.

What is “The Batman” Movie?

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In essence, it will be the first standalone Batman film to come under the DC Extended Universe. Additionally, Pattinson will be the second actor to play the role, of course carrying on from Ben Affleck who stepped down after reported frustration with the studio. Originally, Affleck was also slated to direct the film, but quit that responsibility shortly after his acting drop. The movie is set to take some elements from the comic books, as all Batman stories thus far have. Additionally, they are meant to focus increasingly on the “detective” aspects of the character. After all, Batman is the “world’s greatest detective” Personally, the stories we would like to see most adapted from the comics to the screen would be The Long Halloween, Dark Victory, Knightfall, and a few others from the Bronze Age of comics. Some great villains which we haven’t seen faithful representations of would be Bane, Killer Crock, Victor Zsasz, as well as Hugo Strange.  We have high hopes for this film, and foretell that it will be a good one.


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