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Top 5 NBA Players Going Into the 2019-2020 Season

The 2019-2020 NBA season is in full swing, but at the start of the season, we never got a chance to analyze the top players going in to this season. So we’re back, to make a slightly late list about the top 5 players to watch out for this season, and hopefully, this season will be more interesting than the previous few have.

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LeBron James


First off, how could we not mention the greatest player currently in the NBA, the legendary LeBron James. This athletic beast, and apparent genetic freak of nature is still going strong 17 seasons in, and in fact, is ageing like his favorite drink, a wonderful red wine. He is only getting better over time, and his new teammate, all-star center Anthony Davis will open the floor up to the king, allowing him to make the kinds of plays he loves to.

Zion Williamson

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The most hyped prospect to enter the NBA this decade without a doubt, Zion Williamson will be playing first for the New Orleans Pelicans, who drafted him first in probably the easiest first round pick in the history of the NBA. He is an athletic big man, with Shaq like power, but great speed and lateral movement as well. We are excited to see what this young man will be able to accomplish in the NBA, seeing as his pedigree coming in is near legendary already.

Kawhi Leonard

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The former champion of the NBA with the Toronto Raptors seemed to have been unhappy seeing as he moved teams right after. Now, Leonard will be playing for the Clippers alongside fellow all star Paul George. Only time can tell how this duo will work out, but if all goes according to plan, this should really be a force to be reckoned with in the Western Conference, if not the entire NBA. We hope Kawhi nothing but the best in his new home of Los Angeles.

Luka Doncic

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The 2018-2019 rookie of the year simply had to make this list. The young and athletic Luka Doncic turned many heads last season, and plans to enter this one with a bang. This guard can shoot, drive in, has handles, makes plays, and all in all, is a total package of a player. We all know that the modern Mavericks are built on the back of another foreign player, Dirk Nowitzki, so we hope Luka can bring the same success to the franchise.

Kyrie Irving

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Lastly, we come to the personal nemesis of every Bostonian, Kyrie Irving. After two lukewarm season with the Celtics, Irving wasted no time in demanding a trade. His wish came true, and he was sent over to the Brooklyn Nets, shortly before Kevin Durant also signed with them. Although Durant is currently injured, by the time next season rolls around, he is slated to be healthy, and this guard/forward combination will really be one to mess with.


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