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UFC 244 BMF Title Fight Ends in Doctors Stoppage

UFC 244 was promised to be one of the biggest events the company has put on in recent memory, and it more than delivered. The card was absolutely stacked with star power from start to finish, and the fans in Madison Square Garden were more than happy with the performances. However, despite this, the main event bout for the BMF title, contested between Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz was stopped after the third of a possible five rounds, when a cut above Nate’s eye was deemed too large by the doctor, who proceeded to award the win to Masvidal via stoppage.

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This was an ironic and controversial decision seeing as these two were very much billed as the two toughest fighters in the world, and to have it stopped due to a cut was a little anticlimactic. However, Masvidal promised Diaz a rematch in his post-fight interview, and personally, as a fan, nothing would be happier than to see this legendary matchup go down again.

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What Was UFC 244?

UFC 244 was a pay-per-view card put on by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The card would take place in the legendary arena Madison Square Garden in New York City. Significantly enough, this would be the 500th event that the UFC has ever put on. Even garnering mainstream attention, it was learned that United States President Donald Trump would be attending the event live to watch the bouts.

How Did the Fight Go?

The fight opened very strong, with both welterweights coming at each other right out of the gate. Both Masvidal and Diaz have a reputation for charging at their opponents, and not letting off the pressure until the end of the fight, and as advertised, this is exactly what happened. In the opening round, Masvidal tended to get the better of the exchanges, hitting Diaz flush with hand strikes, as well as controlling the distance with body kicks. Diaz threw a lot of strikes as well, but Masvidal always seemed to have the better position. Within the opening minute, Masvidal dropped Diaz with a big elbow out of the clinch, which dropped Diaz. Masvidal opted to stand him up though, fearing the damage Diaz could do from his guard.

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As the first round went decisively to Masvidal, Diaz came out of the gate with a lot of fire and ferocity. However, Masvidal was very much able to control the pace with his long kicks, and straight punches. Constantly lighting up Diaz, and even dropping him with a body kick in the second round, again opting to stand him up. The Third round went much of the same way, but saw Diaz look the best he did the whole fight. However, there was a noticeably large cut both above and below the right eye of Nate Diaz, which is eventually what prompted the Doctor to stop the fight as per a medical state. Diaz, being the tough guy he is, was willing to continue, but the fight was stopped regardless and given to Masvidal.


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