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UFC 245 Full Fight Card Results, Discussion and Analysis

This weekend’s UFC card is the last Pay-Per-View of the year, and fans were certainly excited for it. Featuring some of the biggest stars, the card was stacked from back to front, and it delivered. To find the full results, read our article below.

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Uriah Faber vs. Petr Yan

The opening contest was a strong one right out the gate. The 40 year old Faber looked good in the first round, getting off some volleys, and it was back and forth. The second round was more Yan’s, as he took control with strong combinations and a takedown. With just under a minute left in the final round, Yan dropped Faber with a huge punch, and went on to finish him on the ground for the 3rd round TKO.

Marlon Moraes vs. Jose Aldo

This one was two Brazilians, former #1 contender Moraes, and former featherweight champion Aldo, dropping down and squaring off, probably to see who gets the next title shot against Cejudo. While Marlon got the best of the first round, the world believed Aldo did enough in the 2nd and 3rd to win, however, the judges saw it differently, giving Moraes the split decision rather controversially.

Amanda Nunes vs. Germaine De Randamie

This was a fantastic fight, and truly showed why Amanda Nunes is the greatest female mixed martial artist in history. We all know Nunes’ power and striking prowess, but what was she to do against a multiple time Muay Thai world champion. Nunes employed a fantastic strategy of wrestling her, and stapling her to the ground for 5 rounds, winning the fight by decision in a very dominant fashion.

Max Holloway vs. Alexander Volkanovski

The co-main saw UFC featherweight king Holloway take on Alexander “The Great” Volkanovski. Alex had a great gameplan, attacking the legs of Holloway with thunderous Muay Thai leg kicks. This forced Max to fight southpaw for the majority of the fight, which gave Volkanovski a chance to use his speed, come inside, and cut angles. Eventually, after 5 rounds, Volkanovski took the unanimous decision, with one judge rating it 50-45, meaning he won every round essentially.

Kamaru Usman vs. Colby Covington

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The main event was certainly a well hyped one by UFC standards. This fight is one that fans have clamored for the longest time for. Anyways, Colby came out of the gate with a full head of steam, putting the pace on Usman, who was retaliating with fewer, but more powerful shots. Usman’s heavy front kick attacked the body of Colby, as did many uppercuts to the midsection. This fight was so close, until Usman broke Colby’s jaw in the final stretch of the third round. Colby showed extreme toughness by fighting till the 5th round, where a glancing jab, and smashing left cross knocked Colby’s body to the ground. From here, Usman whaled on Colby’s head with strikes, at which point, Referee Marc Goddard had to stop the fight, Usman retains by TKO.


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