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“Watchmen” Television Show Makes Debuts on HBO

If you know anything about comic books, then you most certainly have heard of Watchmen. This classical comic, coming from the brilliant mind of Alan Moore, flips the idea of both superheroes, and comics in general on it’s head. Right off the bat, the brilliant mind of Alan Moore, who also wrote legendarily seminal works such as V for Vendetta, as well as the timeless Batman story, “The Killing Joke”, highlighting the Joker’s origin, was the writer of Watchmen. Just by virtue of this, you know that this is something special.

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However, due to the nature of the comic book, that being more grounded in reality, satirical, politically charged, and dealing with mature topics, Watchmen hasn’t been adapted nearly as much as it’s DC and Marvel counterparts. Apart from a lackluster Zack Snyder directed film which released, few other attempts have been made to adapt the source material. Finally though, HBO, the channel which brought you both Game of Thrones, and more recently, Chernobyl, announced that they would be making a Watchmen television series. This is great news for fans, and also a good excuse to break down why this is relevant.

What is Watchmen?

Watchmen is a legendary comic book, as mentioned, written by Alan Moore. The series originally released episodically, as comics do, but since has been reprinted as a graphic novel. In essence, it acts as a satire and political commentary on topics such as justice, vigilantism, the Vietnam War, Nixon’s presidency, and so much more. However, all this heavy material is rolled up in a superhero themed whodunit story, which follows colorful and varied characters in a near dystopian New York. The reason for Watchmen’s major success, award nominations, and critical praise, was to see a comic dealing with such mature and adult subject matter, in a medium which was traditionally considered to be something for the children.

Why is a Watchmen Show an Interesting Prospect?

This is interesting since Watchmen was written in a completely different day and age, and reflected that time period, and its plights masterfully as an artwork. So the main point of interest is to see this very same world from earlier, and observe how it has evolved to being closer to, or further from the real world. Additionally, the show is set in 2019, many decades after the book, so it will be interesting to see the effects which many world threatening and devastating events have had so far down the line. To call back earlier, it will also be interesting to see what kind of commentary, politics, and messages this new adaptation will bring along, since this is in essence a calling card for the Watchmen brand. Will familiar characters make a return? Will dangling cliffhangers be put to rest? How exactly will the world look in the wake of legendary characters like Dr. Manhattan, and the illusive Rorschach, or the iconic Comedian? Hopefully, the show turns out well, and gets renewed for many seasons to come.


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